For any company, contemplating the possibility of exporting to the United States is attractive. We are talking about a market of more than 300 million people with high purchasing power and which is currently the most powerful in the world, so for any brand, product or service, accessing such an important market means an important quantum leap.

In general terms, U.S. legislation provides facilities for foreign investment and does not require entrepreneurs to be U.S. citizens in order to materialize their investments. In addition, there are no minimum investment requirements, which implies a quite democratic access to the market if certain requirements are met.

Interested investors are not required to travel to the United States to initiate the procedures for the incorporation of a company, since the procedures can be carried out remotely through authorized agents in agile procedures that are not particularly costly. There are multiple legal models under which companies can be incorporated in this country and there are no procedures for background checks of shareholders.

However, our experience facilitating the access of multiple products in the United States leads us to recommend following some basic steps in order to facilitate the success of your brand in this new market, which are detailed below:

  • Make a business plan and a market study for your product: We know of cases of very successful products in their countries of origin but that do not find the way to adapt their marketing approach in a market as large as the U.S., which also has a heterogeneous behavior. That is why we offer your brand a comprehensive diagnosis of the current situation and the target audience on which the first strategies should be focused, based on this we recommend the recommended marketing mix to take the first steps successfully taking into account an element often undervalued: the idiosyncrasy of the host country.
  • Choose the location: as the United States is a federal country, the laws in each state vary. In addition, your product may benefit from additional competitive advantages if your company is incorporated in certain areas or states of the federation. We can help you establish the most convenient location for your brand according to your needs.
  • Selecting the name and structure of the company: In the selection of the name, we always recommend to previously verify the availability to register it and if possible that there is an equivalent name also available as a domain name on the Internet to guarantee your future digital presence. In the case of the structure, as we said before, there are several legal figures for the creation of companies, so we recommend taking into account for a correct choice, the model of your business, number of shareholders and the way in which they make the capital contribution. With our advice, you will always have the ideal recommendation for the type of company to be incorporated.
  • Establish a physical address and apply for incorporation or registration: with our service, you can have a physical address in the United States without the need to rent an office, which represents a significant savings for your new project. Once you have one, applying for company registration is even easier.
  • Meeting tax obligations and licenses: depending on the status of the investors, the company will have to go to various tax identification registries to meet its tax obligations, and it must also have an accountant to guide it in complying with them. It is also common the need to obtain certain permits or licenses to operate, in which we will be pleased to guide you.
  • Opening of bank accounts and immigration procedures if necessary: as it is logical, your company will require the opening of bank accounts for its normal operation. Likewise, if any of the shareholders wishes to have a physical presence in the United States, he/she will have to apply for a residency permit in order to have a legal status in the country.

Entrust the beginning of this new stage for your company to specialists and avoid unnecessary costs. Enter the largest market in the world in a profitable and successful way.