Mexico has positioned itself in recent years as the largest avocado producer in the world, currently representing more than 30% of the world’s total production. Although its production is spread throughout the Mexican territory, Michoacán stands out as the main producer state.

The Mexican avocado stands out for its quality and safety at international level, so much so that it has the “Mexico Supreme Quality” seal, which guarantees compliance with strict standards that allow it to compete efficiently in the international market, where the product is coveted not only for its quality but also for the multiple properties of this “super fruit”.

There are several markets to which Mexican avocados are exported, but the United States accounts for approximately 92% of Mexican exports, followed by China, Australia, Japan and Canada. Within the United States, the main markets for Mexican avocados are the states of Texas, California, Illinois and Arizona, representing a total market of approximately 2.8 billion dollars annually.

As a curious fact, Mexican avocado exports to the United States are favored by the celebration year after year of the U.S. “Super Bowl”, where traditionally, one of the most consumed snacks by the American viewer is nachos with guacamole, and that in turn connects with the fact that U.S. avocado production is concentrated in the period from April to September, while Mexican production occurs between the months of January and March.

Such is the importance of the bilateral exchange between Mexico and the United States in the case of avocados, that the U.S. Department of Agriculture currently has direct inspectors of Mexican production that guarantee both the safety of the product and the fluid trade of the product to the U.S. The U.S. Department of Agriculture has also enacted additional measures in the area of avocado production. Additional phytosanitary and packaging measures have also been enacted.

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